When it all started?

Jeunesses Musicales Belgrade, a non-profit organization aimed at the promotion of culture, music education and empowerment of youth, was founded in 1954. Since 1962 is a member of Jeunesses Musicales International – JMI, with headquarter in Brussels, and since 1974. is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions – WFIMC, located in Geneva.

What do we do?

Some of the mainstreams of our organization are support and promotion of the young musicians, education, introduction of all music genres to young people, encouragement of musical and cultural creativity of the youth and raising the cultural level of the communities where we operate through the variety of projects (Summer Festival Kalemegdan’s Dusks, International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade – IJMC Belgrade, Summer Sacral Academy in Studenica – choral workshops, concerts for children and youth – Musical Saturdays, concerts in schools, exchange of artists in the country and abroad, workshops, round tables...)...

JMB connects

Jeunesses Musicales exist for children and youth to permanently sustain them with music, but with other ranges of art as well. JMB is a network of music artists who enthusiastically take part in our programs. The artists of the highest quality and artistic achievements participate in the existing work of JMB.
Everyone is welcome to join JMB and BECOME A MEMBER of our music artists network.

JMB and music artists

Another strong component of the past development of Jeunesses Musicales are music artists. The common feature of all the artists is will to enthusiastically perform in the Jeunesses Musicales programs and belief in the organizational capabilities of Jeunesses Musicales. Jeunesses Musicales is mostly oriented to quality and carefully selected artists whose performing quality reaches the highest artistic achievements.

JMB and membership

Jeunesses Musicales was established for the realization of program actions through all stages of its existence. All of its program action Jeunesses Musicales has adjusted to the age, cognitive and educational level of its members and those whom is it intended. Also, efforts to continuity of action are provided in order to foster natural opting of membership.