Damjan Saramandić

Damjan Saramandić was born in 1993 in Kragujevac. He started playing cello at the age of six in the class of his father Božo Saramandić, receiving his primary and secondary music education.

From the age of fifteen, he continued his education in the class of Professor Leonid Garokhov at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" in Hanover (Germany), where he completed his undergraduate and master's studies. He is currently a student in the class of Professor Xenia Janković at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Detmold (Germany).

He is the winner of awards at national and international competitions and music festivals: "Usti nad Orlici" (Heran, Czech Republic); winner of the following awards: Laureate of the competition, award for the best interpretation of Bohuslav Martin, EMCY "Art fur Music Prize" - Special Prize of the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth for excellent performance at the International Heran Cello Competition and the Berenreiter Verlags Edition. - "Yuri Polyansky" (Kiev, Ukraine); Both the award and the special award for the best performance of the obligatory composition of Yuri Polyansky; “Antonio Janigro” (Poreč, Croatia) - II prize; International String Festival in Sremska Mitrovica - Laureate; International competition "Petar Konjović" (Belgrade) - I place, special award; “Junged musiziert” (Germany) - 1st prize at the Munich Regional Competition, 1st prize at the Bayern National Competition, 2nd prize at the federal competition; "Bolshoi Festival" - winner of the Golden Matryoshka with a chamber ensemble and the Silver Matryoshka for solo performance; Laureate at the national competitions 2002, 2004 and in 2006 and the first awards in 2008; At the festivals of music and ballet schools of Serbia, special awards in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

He has performed as a soloist with the Hagen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Dnepropetrovsk Philharmonic, the Nis Symphony Orchestra, the Kragujevac Symphony Orchestra, the String Orchestra "St. George's Strings", the Chamber Orchestra "Amoroso", the Chamber Orchestra with the Orchestra. Eckstein Foundation and the String Festival Chamber Orchestra.

He has also performed as a soloist at festivals: OKTOH, Cello Fest, Strings International Festival and Summer Academy of Music, Strings Festival in Sremska Mitrovica, Bolshoi Festival, Omis Cultural Summer, Days of Czech Culture, Schubertiaden Schnackenburg, Konstanzer Musik festival, Planet Messiaen - Ein Klangbrücken. In addition to numerous solo performances in Serbia, he also had notable performances abroad (Schaffhausen-Rathaus, Hanover - Richar Jakoby Saal, Munich - Arthur Rubinstein Saal, Hamburg - Schloss Agathenburg, Vienna - Haydnhaus, Vina de la Mar - Chile, Braunschweig - Stadthalle Congress Saal, Lübeck, Bay-reuth, Preding, Liezen, Prague, Poreč, Ljubljana - Mestni muzej / snimak Radio Slovenija, Sarajevo - Bošn-jački institut).

He has collaborated with artists such as: Ilya Konovalov, Valerij Sokolov, Leonid Garokhov, Dragan Djordjevic, Ingmar Lazar, Uki Ovaskainen, Vladimir Bukac, Natalija Tomic, Jovan Bogosavljevic, Panta Velickovic, Alexei Shadrin and Marc Bouchkov. He studied at masterclasses with Claudio Bohorkes, Alexander Rudin, Aner Bilsme, Arto Noras, Stanislav Apolin, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Jens Peter Mainz, Wen-Sinn Yang, David Gregorian, Mark Kosover, Alexei Seleznyov, Monica Lesko, Tilman Wick, Wolfgang Böttcher (within the Carl Flesch Academy - winner of the award for one of the most successful participants in the course). During his schooling, he was a scholarship holder of the Munich Music Society "Münchener Musikvereins" for the support of young talents, the Foundation "Music braucht Freunde" (Musicians need friends), the Hanover Region, Föderkreis der HMTMH - Circle for the support of HMTMH students, " Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Foundation and Albert Eckstein Foundation.


Registered program for the 50th IJMC Belgrade:


A) J. S. Bach: Cello Suite No. 4 in E flat major, Prelude & Sarabande
B) C. A. Piatti: Caprice for Solo Cello, op. 25, No. 7
C) E. Ysaÿe: Sonata for Solo Cello, op. 28


A) S. Prokofiev: Sonata for Cello and Piano, op. 119,  C major
B) F. Chopin: Introduction et Polonaise brillante, op. 3 (Gendorn/Fraçaix)
C) A. Vujić: ''Serbian Round Dance'' for Cello and Piano
D) N. Borenstein: Odysseus op. 87 for violoncello and piano


A) S. Prokofiev: Symphony-Concerto in E minor, op. 125