For many decades one of the most popular project realized by Jeunesses Musicales Serbia is – Quiz-contest.

Vast number of contestants from every part of Serbia compete in knowledge on given (music/historical) theme. The Quiz-contest gathers young people eager to spread their views, make new friends, compete, gain experiences and win valuable prizes.

The quiz is divided into three stages. The first stage includes: the eliminatory test, the eighth and the quarter finals, and it is held in a city of Serbia that has been selected as the host of the Quiz-contest.

Semi-final of Quiz-contest is second stage and the host is the city of one of the teams that is passed into semi-final.

Grand final of Quiz-contest in which the two best teams compete is held in Belgrade.

In order to reach the winning title, one must demonstrate the theoretical and even more "auditory" knowledge. The peculiarity of the Quiz-contest lies in specific connection of theoretical and practical/auditory knowledge.

Some of the themes of the previous Quiz-contests were: "Life and Work of Ludwig van Betoven" (1970); "Life and Creation of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky" (1971); "Vocal and orchestral music in Serbia until the Second World War" (1971); "Life and Work of Frédéric Chopin" (1973); "Impressionism in Music" (1974); "Musical vision of Vojislav Vučković" (1975); "Classics of Modern Music" (1976); "Piano in the world of music" (1977); "The joy of playing music together" (1978); "25 Years of Jeunesses Musicales" (1979); "Music terms" (1980); "Dances in Music" (1981); From New Orleans to Rock Jesse (1982); "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" (1991); "Bela Bartok" (1995); "Yugoslav Folk Music" (1998); "Life and creative path of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky" (2000); "Giuseppe Verdi" (2002); "Antonín Dvořák " (2004); "Stevan Mokranjac and Romanticism in Serbian music" (2006); "Claude Debussy - from the 'Alka Dragon' to 'Faun in love'" (2008); "World music in Serbia: tradition, origin, development" (2012); "Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac in the inscriptions of others" (2014).