From March 21st until March 30th, 2020

Program selected by Prof. Sandra Belić, Faculty of Music in Belgrade
and honorary selector, Prof. Natalia Gutman, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory


Name and surname
Telephone / fax number
Date of birth
Musical education (Academy, Conservatory or Institutes, names of professors)
Please list the works you intend to perform at the Competition:
FIRST STAGE (total playing time 30 min)
A) One Prelude and one movement of the Cello Suite (4, 5 or 6) by choice by J. S. Bach (write the number, tonality and the WTK number of the chosen Prelude, as well as the chosen Suite and movement):
B) One of the following Caprices:
C) One of the following Sonatas or movements from Sonata (depending on the duration of the program):
c) Write down the movements of the chosen Sonata to be performed (only in case the candidate wouldn't perform the whole Sonata due to the total playing time limit):
SECOND STAGE (total playing time 65 min)
А) One of the following Sonatas:
B) One Concerto piece from the Romantic period (e.g. if candidate chooses Schumman's piece to be performed, it would be allowed to perform more than one piece, depending on the total playing time):
C) A compulsory piece by the Serbian composer: A. Vujić: ''Serbian Round Dance'' for Cello and Piano
D) One of the Sonatas from pre-classical period, or one piece of the Variations by L. van Beethoven:
E) International Jeunesses Musicales Competition Belgrade for its 50th anniversary - dedicated piece to the 50th IJMC by Nimrod Borenstein: Odysseus op. 87 for violoncello and piano
B) One of the following Concertos:
I hereby certify that I agree to accept the Rules of the Competition and that the decisions of the Jury will be final and irrevocable. This application form should be sent by the February, 15th 2020 at the latest.

All pieces must be performed from memory including compulsory piece. The repeats should be played if the performance time may not exceeds. The jury may interrupt the competitor who exceeds stipulated time. No piece can be repeated during the Competition.

Please send the necessary documents (CV, copies of documents testifying candidate's musical education, copies of prizes/diplomas (optional), references from present or previous professors (original), one recent glossy photograph - postcard size (9x13) which will be reproduced in the Competition booklet; alternatively, candidates may send a photo by e-mail (300 or more dpi)) to the following address:

International Jeunesses Musicales Competition

11000 Belgrade

Terazije 26/2


or to the e-mail: Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je videli.

Link for the compulsory piece music sheets - N. Borenstein: "Odysseus" for violoncello and piano

Link for the compulsory piece music sheets - A. Vujić: "Serbian Round Dance" for Cello and Piano - cello part

Link for the compulsory piece music sheets - A. Vujić: "Serbian Round Dance" for Cello and Piano

I agree that the data is stored for the purpose of processing my registration for the 49th International Jeunesses Musicales Competition - Belgrade