IJMC opening speech by Dubravka Jovičić, Dean of the Faculty of Music Art, University of Art in Belgrade

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear competitors,

Honorable Jury members,

Dear Jeunesses Musicales,

The first day of spring brings again one of the most beautiful gifts of nature – meeting with the new life woven into the talents of youth and expressed through the language of music, very familiar to all of us. At the time of eagerness for light, optimism and joy, the festival of youth and music, shaped through the International Jeunesses Musicales competition, represents the oasis of spiritual satisfaction, hope for the better future and enormous enthusiasm that all their participants express in different ways and from various positions: competitors, Jury members, the audience and the organizers.

Jeunesses Musicales of Serbia successfully resists all challenges and enables unhindered richness of emotional music playing, valuation and cheering as the most beautiful gift not only to our artistic and cultural society, but also to all those who will bear these impressions about several fairly tale days through the whole life. As one of the most respected international competition, by its status with evaluations and judgments as the guarantee for the high quality recognizable in the world, it enables many future leading artists to make their first significant steps in the music world, the International Jeunesses Musicales competition represents good example how the music values and music happenings in our country can contribute to the overall respect in the world.

Let’s wish much inspirational and creative energy, singing tones and released precious emotions for the competitors:

We should wish hard job for the Jury members in decision making about the best ones;

We wish an exceptional pleasure to the public in revealing the new talents, the young individuals who will captivate by their skills and imagination.

Finally, we wish that all members of the Jeunesses Musicales of Serbia remain capable with even greater ease to allow us this beautiful springtime music gift and let us thank the Ministry of Culture and information of the Republic of Serbia, the City of Belgrade, RTS Symphony orchestra and Ilija M Kolarac Endowment for recognizing the significance of the tradition and for making possible to us to participate and enjoy.

I declare the 44th International Jeunesses Musicales competition open!

Dubravka Jovicic

Pianist, full professor and Dean of the Faculty of Music Art, University of Art in Belgrade

Belgrade, 21st March 2014.