50th IJMC awards

We have a winner of the 50th IJMC Belgrade!

The peak of the Final stage of the 50th IJMC Belgrade experienced quite an unusual turnaround, as we have witnessed performances by two soon-to-be winners!
After listening to performances of the 6 finalists with the orchestra, members of the Jury awarded their points and came with a final decision, and now we announce the final standings:

  • 1st prize - Joel Geniet (France) and Vuk Simon Ovaskainen (Serbia / Finland)
  • 2nd prize - not awarded
  • 3rd prize - Francesco Stefanelli (Italy)

  • Special award by Society for the promotion of music and culture – IMK Vienna - Joel Geniet (France)
  • Special prize by JMI in the amount of 2500 euros each - Joel Geniet (France) and Vuk Simon Ovaskainen (Serbia / Finland)
  • Kolarac Endowment award, a special award for the best finalist according to the audience votes - Vuk Simon Ovaskainen (Serbia / Finland)
  • RTS Music Production and RTS Symphony Orchestra award, a special award for the best finalist according to the Orchestra votes - Vuk Simon Ovaskainen (Serbia / Finland)
  • Special award by the Union of Artistic Association and the academic painter Vesna Marković - Vuk Simon Ovaskainen (Serbia / Finland)
  • All finalists were awarded a silver coin by jewelry Dukati Srbije

We congratulate all the winners, as well as all the finalists! We enjoyed your great performances!